The ears are among the sensitive parts of the body. Many people, however, do not realize this hence not taking care of the ears. If you have ever had an ear ache you know exactly why the ears should be taken care of. It is not a shock that many people have never visited ears doctor. The ears do not require so much from us, as compared to other body parts. You do not have to trim them on a regular basis like the nails nor do you have to brush them two times a day. All you need to do is clean them with a clean towel from time to time. This article will give you simple tips on how to maintain healthy ears.

Taking care of the ears

Protect from noise

You should protect your ears from high-level sounds. If you work in a noisy company, be keen to make sure that the noise level does not go beyond 85 dB. If it does, protective gear must be put on. At home let the level of your television or radios be kept as low as possible. Many people tend to raise the volume of their car stereo while driving due to the wind and other road noise. You need to be keen and take care of the noise level.

We all love to attend parties at some point to let loose. The level of noise at night clubs and rock concerts is at the highest. To take care of your ears at such places, avoid standing near the loud speakers and from time to time take short breaks outside to let your ears relax.

At times you will be required to work with drills and lawn mowers which are noisy. At such instances wear earphones to protect your ears from the noise.

Foreign objects

Avoid inserting objects in the ear. Many of us use cotton wool to remove wax from the ears. This is unacceptable. There are two risks faced with inserting cotton wool in your ears. It might either increase the production of ear wax or push down the level of wax production. It is not only cotton wool that can cause the above problems, your fingers too. The fingers can also damage the ear skin. Use clean water when cleaning your ears. Dirty water can cause ear infections which might result in deafness.