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Why Should a Small Business Invest in Big Data Analytics?

What is big data? Big data is described as volumes of structured and unstructured data. Processing big data the traditional way is becoming impossible and inefficient. Let us, first of all, understand how big data is collected. Devices like CCTV cameras, bar codes, scanners, smoke alarms, mobile cameras and web analytical tools are used to collect big data. You should realize that the devices above collect diverse types of data. This is why we refer to big data as structured and unstructured. The speed at which this data is collected cannot be controlled using the traditional tools and methods. Small and big businesses should incorporate the use of big data analytics platform to stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Large Data Analytics

Saves on Cost

Big data analyticsThe initial cost of implementing big data strategies and tools is undoubtedly high. However, the long-term benefits from the same beat the cost. Large data helps a business reduce cost irrespective of the size. The health industry is among the industries which have witnessed the benefit of large data. Reduction of fraud, purchase of excess inventory and partnering with better suppliers are among the benefits of big data.

Better Decision Making

This is termed to be the biggest benefit of big data. Using this type of data, businesses process the available data first and give insights promptly. Before big data, business used to make decisions based on the future and the possibilities seen in it. Currently, businesses work with the available data to make decisions. As already mentioned, the large volumes of data available need big hardware technologies to process it. With both things in place, the business gets in a position where it understands the customer better and creates products closer to what the customer wants.


cyber attacksBusiness data should be protected by all means. But this is what happened; businesses concentrated on using large data to improve their performance forgetting the security of the data. Business data suffer threats of security breaches and cyber threats. Almost all businesses are connected to the internet. The internet, however, is a big threat to the business data. Cybercriminals are working day in day out to access company databases. Since it has become impossible to prevent cyber-attacks, business should get ways to respond to it. The use of big data analytical tools come as a game changer, allowing businesses to avoid security attacks before they are performed.

How To Keep Your Computer Safe

With the new technology, almost everybody owns a computer today. Some use them for work while others want them for entertainment. Irrespective of the use, computers are at risk of viruses and hackers. This is something many people are not aware of, or they just ignore. If you have never lost data or had your important details like bank details hacked, you might not take serious measures to keep your computer safe. They always say better late than never. If you have been ignorant on this, it is time to learn more and get tips on how to keep your device safe.

How to keep your computer safe

How to protect personal data

At times you will be required to fill in personal information like names, emails, bank information while using your computer. This is mostly when you want to purchase something online or doing registration. If your data is not well handled here, it is at risk of being hacked. This is when one keeps track of your details and retrieves private information like bank detail information. We all know what might happen if such details land on the wrong hands. Avoid at all cost to giving personal details to sites you are not sure of.


Passwords act as security to your details. Wherever you are asked for personal information, you will find an option of entering a password. To protect those details strong and unique passwords must be used. Do not accept the options to save passwords on your computer. Use a password you can remember to avoid the temptation of saving the passwords for future log in. It is important to keep on changing your passwords from time to time. This way it will be hard for hackers to guess the current password.

Trusted sites

This is the only way to keep your data safe. If you want to shop online, always use trusted sites. If you send your money and details to any site you come across without proper research, you are running a risk of hacking and scams. Ask around and get referrals of the genuine online stores.

How to protect your computer from viruses and malware

This is another risk that faces all computers. If viruses attack your computer, you run the risk of losing data. Imagine you had all your job projects or university research project stored in the computer then all of a sudden everything is lost? Devastating right? To keep your data safe, the following must be done.

Updated antivirus

Always make sure that you have the latest version of the antivirus you are using. Viruses change on a daily basis. To be safe, you must have the latest antivirus as well.

Backup your data

Do not store all your data on your computer and that’s it. Get an external storage device and keep your data there as well. You can back up your data on your email address too.