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The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Dab Rigs

There are various smoking gadgets on the market today. Bongs and pipes have been around for a while. It follows that you may have already used or acquired them and you’re now in search of something with futuristic herb smoking features. Dab rigs step in to fill the void in this instance because unlike pipes and bongs, they don’t rely on traditional heating systems. Instead, they heat up herbs with the help of specialized nail-like equipment. The nail utilizes an advanced touch for heating purposes.

Dab rigs in details

hemp dab rigsDab rigs are known as such because of what they do and how they do it. Its shape takes take after an oil rig structure while the dab aspect of the name is driven from the word “dabbing” which means applying a small proportion of concentrated medicated wax or oils that transform into an inhalable vapor. Other than elevating your herb intake experience, you also get to avoid the smoke that’s associated with pipes and bongs. When you read through the ultimate guide to buying the most Cool dab rigs, you’ll note that the smoking equipment is mostly made up of a glass piece and a nail and a torch.

Dab rigs can be made using an array of materials. These include borosilicate glass that is known for their durable qualities. This grants them better performance and value for money in comparison to the glass-like ceramic types. Choose a dab rig with a titanium nail over the one with a nail that’s made of quartz. This is because the latter doesn’t hold heat for long, leading to the poor creation of vapor. E-nails are preferable if you’re looking for equipment that can help you reduce your smoking tendencies.

Design aspects

As you go about your dab rig shopping expedition, consider the design factors and pick what suit your needs. People who may want more out of their herb smoking experience can choose the dome-less type because it has advanced nails that give a steady supply of heat for an extended period. This is in comparison to dome dab rigs which are known for their ability to contain huge volumes of vapor for people who like to inhale large volumes of herbal extracts.

Both of these dab rigs are safe and secure. Their designs also make them easy to clean. You subsequently get to smoke your herb under hygienic conditions. This is significant if you don’t want your herb smoking habits to be the cause of various ailments. It’s significant to embrace the benefits of keeping your bong clean to avoid adulterating the herb’s aroma as well as active ingredients. Some herbs present a mix of chemicals that can easily react with foreign particles to form toxic substances.

The design features of a dab rig determine the dabbing accessories, meaning that some come with more additional tools than others. However, you don’t have to worry about the accessories because cool dab rigs are sold as a kit. You should subsequently shun online dab rig vendors who may try trick you into buying the dab rig accessories as separate items.